Exec Search, HR & Training

However great the location, or however comfortable the beds in the rooms are, if a hotel property's services are below average, the business is likely to fail.


Regardless of whether the hotel is run by an international operator or a local team, the basic staff will be recruited in Ukraine. Thus far in Ukraine, there has been little to no experience in the sphere of quality hospitality services in the country. Therefore, the management will need to invest a great deal of effort and time in preparing well-trained staff.


Staffing is a major source of expenditure for hoteliers in Ukraine. The development of a team that is cost-effective and offers service to the highest international standards is a key area in which we can offer our professional services.


We are interested to ensure that our clients' sites operate effectively from day one. That is why the ArtBuild Hotel Group regards recruitment and staff training as one of our major services. Our partner in this sphere is DOOR Ukraine (member of DOOR International) – an international HR and training company. With our partner we have jointly developed comprehensive solutions covering all major staff positions present throughout the hotel.

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