Best Western

Since 2014 ArtBuild Hotel Group cooperates with well-known international hotel chains from all over the world. Our specialists accompany the customer in the process of searching, negotiating and drafting a management contract with an international hotel operator. As practice shows, no matter how loud the name of the hotel chain, with the right approach and real interest in a project with an international brand, you can agree on more favorable terms for the owner of the hotel than it was originally provided for in the standard contract.

From 2011 to 2015, ArtBuild Hotel Group was an exclusive partner and official representative in Ukraine of one of the world's largest hotel chains – Best Western International.



Since 2016, ArtBuild Hotel Management LLC, a division of the ArtBuild Hotel Group, has become the operator of the Best Western Plus Hotel in Lviv (Ukraine).

Best Western is the largest Hotel Family in the world, uniting more than 4,000 hotels in 100 countries.

Best Western Major Principles

- Any hotel, or even a hotel chain, fitting the Best Western standards and requirements may join the association retaining their independence and uniqueness.

- Every new license holder will pay a small 'entrance fee' and then pays annual membership fee which is tied to the number of rooms on property. The membership costs are substantially lower when compared against what other lodging chains operating on a traditional franchise agreement charge.

- All annual fees and expenditures are channeled to support the development of the Association as a whole and each individual member. The Company is strongly dedicated to brand promotion, offers superior training to its members, develops a wide range of partnership programs, supports a variety of loyalty programs, etc.

- It is the brand's philosophy that it works for its members rather than the Members work for the Chain.

Best Western: background

- Best Western was founded in 1946 in the USA.

- The Best Western Family covered over 4,000 hotels offering more than 311,156 quality guest rooms in 100 countries throughout the world. Best Western Hotels can be found in both major cities and small towns, as well as in all popular tourist destinations across the world.

- The Best Western brand focuses on three primary descriptors: Best Western, Best Western Plus, and Best Western Premier (respectively, three, four and four+/five star groups).

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