artbuild_hotel_managementThe success of any hotel is directly linked to the professional capabilities of its management and staff. ArtBuild Hotel Management LLC, headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, is a full service hotel management company. ABHM focuses on optimizing the management structure, cash flow maximization and increasing the property valuation. 



 - We help you develop realistic goals for your property and help to execute their implementation by getting to
   know your property, staff and market, from either the planning stage or post-development to help your team
   carry out the business plan. 

 -  We help to establish a strategy to gain market position for a hotel in its region. 

 We provide detailed plans for all budgets and capital improvements when appropriate, as well as help
    establish market position strategy. Periodic correspondence with the on-site GM and other staff keeps our
    COO apprised of progress and areas needing attention. 

We ensure that the physical maintenance and capital expenditures to improve the property are completed 
   efficiently minimalizing disturbance to the revenue stream. We can provide turnkey oversight of the FF&E
   process to enhance market appeal and operating efficiencies.

We motivate hotel employees with current human resource procedures that create a sense of belonging
   and assist in reducing staff turn-over. 

-  We negotiate volume purchasing agreements to help you maintain consistency and cost controls. 

 We offer reasonable base management fees, a mutually agreeable incentive management fee, and term
    lengths and cancellation clauses built around what we have learned hotel property owners in Ukraine are

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