Hotel Consulting

Consulting at all stages of a hotel project’s implementation

Any real estate project needs to start with the Consultancy, and a hotel project is not an exception to the rule. Despite the fact that Ukrainian customers are skeptic when it comes to working with consultants, according to our experience, professional consultation during this particular stage helps avoid significant mistakes and as such, minimizes the risk of losing money during the implementation process of the project.

The main objective of hotel consulting is to find both the strong and weak points of a future project, integrate the plan with the existing realities (land, funds and customer’s requirements) and then to develop the hotel’s optimal format and class, and to structure the financial part of the project.

Our company provides a full circle of consulting services:

- Extended Hotel Feasibility Study

This stage is the starting point in the development of any hotel project and is dedicated to a careful study of the basic issues defining a plan for the project’s progress, for example in which segment and of what format should the project be in, the number of rooms, what additional infrastructure will be needed, the who and how the hotel will be managed, etc. This analysis will help everyone understand the most important thing- the financial viability of a hotel building project which is located in this city, on this site, being of this format and class. Besides, our company is the only one in Ukraine providing not only a Hotel Feasibility Study but an Extended Hotel Feasibility Study which includes the standard services as well as a defined concept and the design planning services (PP stage). We also are gradually starting to include the concept of engineering systems and BMS. This approach enables financial and economic calculations that are based on developed project details that are real and not on the basis of an abstract average hotel model of a certain class. This helps maximize the reduction of the number of unexamined assumptions and gives a more accurate financial result as an output. In addition, it provides an understanding of what technical conditions Customer Services will receive for the project and how feasible it will be for this or that particular site.

- Design Consulting Support

Today, The ABHG Company does not perform design work and does not function as a general designer. However, design consulting is in our company’s competence. The purpose of this work is to organize and control the design process, in such a way as to empower a customer with a competent project that considers all the specifics of a complex property such as a hotel. In consulting with the customer, our duties and responsibilities include the formation of a project team (General designer + subcontractors), coordination of their work and interactions, development and/or adjustment of technical references for each section, control of their implementation, and advice on contracts.

- Auditing Existing Concepts, Business Plans, Designs and Planning Solutions 

Our experts can provide professional auditing of concepts, business plans, designs, and planning solutions that were developed by other companies. We prepare an expert evaluation of a suggested concept, analyze the planning decisions for compliance with hotel technology and if necessary, prepare recommendations and amendments. We also analyze the economical component of a project (analysis of revenue and expenses) to understand how objective and feasible the financial targets that were set in the business plan truly are. Auditing can be provided at any stage of the hotel project, but the sooner it is done, the cheaper and easier the necessary changes can be done.

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