Oleksii Ievchenko: Find the time to pass on the best that you have to the next generation

24 october 2018

Oleksii Ievchenko, Managing Partner of the ArtBuild Hotel Group, shared his professional experience with students of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics. October 23, he gave a lecture on "How to build the right hotel and earn from the start."

Oleksii shared the secrets of the hotel and restaurant business and, using examples of real-life cases, spoke about solving problems and overcoming obstacles in the implementation of projects in these formats. After the theoretical part of the lecture, an author's master class was held, during which students had the opportunity to invent, develop and protect the concepts of their own hotel and restaurant complexes. As a result, the best project and the most active student was identified, who will now have the opportunity to visit the construction site of one of the ABHG projects and learn from business experience in a real working atmosphere.


News 24/10/2018


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