Existing Hotel Auditing

ABHG provides auditing services or business analysis of existing hotel operations to assess a hotel’s operating performance and its condition for the current owner, or for a new potential owner that is interested in purchasing the hotel. The essence of an audit is a detailed project analysis and evaluation of a hotel’s current condition. For this purpose, our experts go on field trips to the hotel to explore technical, engineering, and the technological conditions of a hotel. They evaluate the guest rooms and the interior design of common areas, analyze the financial and business operations of the hotel, look into the hotel’s essential services, and study the available and existing documentation. The audit concludes with an assessment of a hotel’s current condition in all of its main areas (departments); recommendations for the hotel’s renovation and the hotel’s financial and economic model over the next 10 years, subject to implementation of all the changes, and if required a purchase economic efficiency study for the hotel. Besides, upon a customer request ABHG may develop recommendations enabling the hotel to join the international hotel chain Best Western International.


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