Hotel Facade Concept & Design

The exterior by means of the façade often provides the first impression of a building, which not only makes a hotel facility standout from its surrounding buildings, but it also "sells" it to the end user. Therefore, we recommend paying special attention to the concept development of a hotel’s façade. It should be understood that the facade must not only comply with technical and construction requirements, the functional significance of the building, and the hotel class, but it also must be easily maintained and not be a cause of problems to the management company.

Typically, the hotel’s façade design-concept is developed at the pre-project stage. ABHG has talented experts for developing high-quality facade solutions and project visualization. At your request, we can offer several unique facade designs relevant to a hotel concept and a hotel class that are designed in compliance with the architectural style of surrounding buildings (if necessary) and at the same time, make the hotel standout from its background. We are also experienced in creating a façade design concept for unique projects in the Ukrainian hotel projects market. For example, a property, which merges together two hotels of different categories - economy and upper midscale all in the same building. In any case, in developing a hotel facade design concept, we always remember that the hospitality area starts from its exterior and not its interior.


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